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The Queen of Pentacles Reversed When Asking About Feelings

If you drew the Queen of Pentacles reversed when asking about feelings, this implies neglect, imbalance, and possible financial instability. It is important however to consider the surrounding cards for a clear interpretation. This post explains the meanings associated with the reversed Queen of Pentacles, particularly in the context of love readings.

queen of pentacles reversed feelings

Overview of The Queen of Pentacles Reversed in Love Readings

In the realm of tarot, the Queen of Pentacles is a card that speaks volumes about practicality, nurturing, and a grounded connection to the material aspects of life when in an upright position. However, when fate deals the cards differently and the Queen of Pentacles is drawn in a reversed position, the energies associated with this court card undergo a significant transformation.

The reversal of the Queen of Pentacles suggests a departure from the usual sense of security and stability that this card embodies. Neglect becomes a poignant theme, with individuals feeling a subtle but palpable lack of attention or recognition. It’s as if the nurturing qualities that define the Queen of Pentacles have been momentarily overshadowed, leaving behind a void that resonates in the emotional echoes of the reading.

queen of pentacles reversed feelings

Interpretations of the Queen of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed Queen of Pentacles points to strong feelings of neglect and imbalance, where individuals may feel overlooked or undervalued, leading to emotional strain. There’s a notable lack of appreciation, creating overwhelming emotions due to unacknowledged efforts. The usual nurturing and stability associated with the upright Queen of Pentacles are absent, prompting a need for reassessment in relationships and personal well-being.

Feelings of Neglect and Imbalance

The Queen of Pentacles card when drawn in reverse can indicate profound feelings of neglect and a palpable sense of imbalance.  It suggests that in your personal life you may have been overlooked or undervalued.  It is a sign of a lack of recognition, or appreciation in various facets of the querent’s life.  If the question was about the querent’s love life, it is a strong indication that the person will not show you the love you deserve.  The queen of pentacles upright indicates love and nurture, but in a reversed position it is the opposite.

Lack of Appreciation and Overwhelm

In the reversed position, the Queen of Pentacles hints at a lack of appreciation, creating a space where emotions can become overwhelming. The weight of unacknowledged efforts may lead to emotional strain.  In a love reading, this card indicates that the person does not appreciate you, as they are too interested in their own needs.  It is not a relationship of equal partners as the person you asked about is not willing to appreciate you or show any emotional support.

Absence of Nurturing and Stability

Nurturing and stability, often associated with the upright Queen of Pentacles, take a back seat when this card is reversed. The emotional foundation becomes uncertain, emphasizing the need for reassessment in relationships and personal well-being.  The meaning of the queen of pentacles in this position indicates that the person you asked about does not have a nurturing eye.  Since the suit of pentacles normally relates to finances, it could also indicate that the person is preoccupied with their own material wealth and financial security at the expensive of a healthy relationship.

queen of coins reversed feelings

Context Matters

Context holds a paramount role in tarot readings, particularly when interpreting cards like the reversed Queen of Pentacles. Each card is not an isolated entity but part of a larger narrative, and understanding the surrounding cards provides a richer, more nuanced interpretation. Adjacent cards may enhance, mitigate, or amplify the reversed Queen of Pentacles’ message.

Beyond the surrounding cards, various contextual factors play a crucial role in tarot readings, adding depth and specificity to the interpretation. The querent’s question, the position of the card in the spread, and the querent’s personal experiences and emotions contribute significantly to the overall context. Additionally, the theme of the tarot spread, the querent’s mindset during the reading, and the timing of the inquiry can all influence the meaning of the cards.

Importance of Considering Surrounding Cards

The surrounding cards act as companions, shaping the narrative and offering a more comprehensive understanding of the emotional spectrum captured by the reversed Queen of Pentacles.

Below are some examples of how surrounding cards can alter the meaning of the reversed Queen of Pentacles in a tarot spread:

  1. Positive Influence: If surrounded by cards like the Ace of Cups or the Sun, the reversed Queen of Pentacles may suggest that despite initial feelings of neglect, positive emotional fulfillment is on the horizon. The surrounding cards enhance the interpretation, indicating a potential resolution or improvement in the situation.
  2. Negative Influence: On the contrary, if accompanied by challenging cards like the Three of Swords or the Tower, the reversed Queen of Pentacles may accentuate feelings of neglect and imbalance, signaling a more tumultuous emotional period. The surrounding cards amplify the negative aspects, urging the querent to navigate carefully through emotional challenges.
  3. Communication Issues: When combined with cards like the Page of Cups or the Ace of Swords, the reversed Queen of Pentacles may indicate that the feelings of neglect stem from miscommunication or a lack of emotional expression. These surrounding cards suggest that addressing communication issues is crucial for resolving the situation.
  4. Temporary Influence: Cards such as the Wheel of Fortune or the Moon, can also impact the interpretation. The reversed Queen of Pentacles may suggest a temporary phase of emotional turbulence that is subject to change based on external factors or the natural ebb and flow of life.
  5. Outcome Influence: Positioned as the final card in a spread, the reversed Queen of Pentacles may have a different significance. If followed by positive cards like the Ten of Cups or the World, it may suggest that the querent will overcome feelings of neglect and find emotional fulfillment in the long run. Conversely, if followed by challenging cards, it may indicate persistent emotional struggles.

In each scenario, the surrounding cards act as modifiers, shaping the narrative and offering a more nuanced understanding of the reversed Queen of Pentacles within the specific context of the tarot reading.

How Your Intuition Can Influence the interpretation

When facing the Queen of Pentacles reversed, a querent’s intuition can profoundly influence the meaning. Intuition acts as a bridge between the querent’s inner wisdom and the symbolism of the card. For instance, a gut feeling about the emotional dynamics at play—whether it be a need for reassessment in relationships or a call to address neglected aspects of life—can shape the interpretation beyond conventional tarot definitions.

Intuition allows the querent to bring their unique experiences and emotions into the reading, infusing the reversed Queen of Pentacles with personal significance. They might sense nuances in the card’s imagery that resonate with their own journey, offering insights that might not be apparent through traditional interpretations alone.

queen of coins reversed feelings

Meditation for the Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit or lie down. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing your body and mind to relax.

1. Grounding Visualization: Imagine yourself in a lush, vibrant garden. Visualize the earth beneath you, connecting with the grounding energy of the soil. Feel the stability of the ground, allowing it to support and anchor you.

2. Encounter the Queen: As you explore the garden, envision the Queen of Pentacles standing before you. Notice any subtle changes in her demeanor, perhaps a shift in her gaze or a disruption in the natural flow of the environment.

3. Reflect on Neglect: Gently explore the feelings of neglect that may arise in the presence of the Queen. Allow yourself to acknowledge any areas of your life where you might be feeling overlooked or undervalued. Be compassionate with yourself as you navigate these emotions.

4. Seek Understanding: Engage in a silent conversation with the Queen. Ask her about the source of the imbalance and neglect. Listen to her responses, which may come as subtle insights or intuitive feelings. Allow the symbolism of the reversed Queen to guide you in understanding the root of these emotions.

5. Rediscover Balance: With a newfound awareness, visualize the garden transforming. Picture the neglected elements regaining vitality and balance. See the Queen of Pentacles gradually turning upright, radiating a nurturing and stabilizing energy. Feel the restoration of equilibrium in your surroundings.

6. Self-Nurturing Affirmations: Affirm to yourself that you deserve love, appreciation, and balance in all aspects of your life. Repeat affirmations such as “I am worthy of love,” “I create balance in my life,” and “I nurture myself with compassion.” Allow these affirmations to resonate within you.

7. Return to the Present: Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Feel the ground beneath you, the air around you, and the gentle rhythm of your breath. When you’re ready, open your eyes.

This meditation aims to help you explore and navigate the emotions associated with the reversed Queen of Pentacles. It provides a space for self-reflection, understanding, and the rediscovery of balance in your life.

queen of coins reversed feelings

Manifesting a Nurturing Relationship: Tarot-Inspired Exercise

Drawing the Queen of Pentacles reversed might signal a desire for change in the realm of relationships. This exercise is designed to help individuals attract a loving and nurturing partnership by aligning their energies with positive intentions.

Materials Needed

  • Tarot deck
  • Journal or paper
  • Pen


  1. Reflect on the Reversed Queen: Begin by sitting in a quiet space. Hold the reversed Queen of Pentacles card in your hands and take a few deep breaths. Reflect on the feelings associated with the card and acknowledge any patterns of neglect or imbalance you wish to transform.
  2. Positive Affirmations: Write down positive affirmations that focus on attracting a loving and nurturing relationship. Examples include:
    • “I am deserving of a loving and balanced partnership.”
    • “I attract relationships that value and appreciate me.”
    • “My life is filled with love, joy, and mutual support.”
  3. Upright Queen of Pentacles Visualization: Close your eyes and visualize the Queen of Pentacles in her upright position. Envision her surrounded by a warm, nurturing light. Feel the stability, love, and support radiating from her. Allow this imagery to evoke a sense of security and abundance in your mind.
  4. Tarot Spread for Clarity: Use your tarot deck to perform a simple three-card spread focused on your love life. Ask questions like:
    • “What energies do I need to cultivate for a nurturing relationship?”
    • “What actions can I take to attract a loving partner?”
    • “What qualities should I look for in a potential relationship?”
  5. Journaling Insights: Record the cards you draw and your interpretations in your journal. Reflect on the messages they convey and how they align with your desire for a loving and nurturing relationship. Write down any insights or inspirations that arise during this process.
  6. Setting Intentions: Write a letter to yourself, setting clear intentions for the type of relationship you wish to attract. Be specific about the qualities you desire in a partner and the kind of love and nurturing you seek. Seal the letter in an envelope, symbolizing the commitment to these intentions.
  7. Daily Affirmation Ritual: Choose one or more affirmations from your list and incorporate them into a daily ritual. Repeat these affirmations every morning or evening, allowing the positive energy to become ingrained in your mindset.
  8. Tarot Check-In: Periodically revisit your tarot spread and journal entries. Take note of any changes in your perceptions or experiences. The cards may provide guidance and insights as you progress on your journey towards manifesting a loving and nurturing relationship.

Remember, this exercise is a tool to align your energies and intentions. Combine it with genuine self-reflection and actions that support your desire for a positive relationship.

Tarot reading

Advice if You Drew the Queen of Pentacles Reversed When Asking About Feelings

Assess Practical Matters:
When the Queen of Pentacles appears reversed, focus on practical aspects of your love life. Address material possessions, financial situations, and the overall stability of your relationship.

Evaluate Your Home Life: Take a closer look at your living situation. The reversed Queen of Pentacles may indicate a need for improvement in the home environment to foster a more supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

Consider Material Success: Reflect on the material success of your relationship. Are both partners contributing equally to the material world, or is there an imbalance? Find ways to enhance financial independence and share responsibilities.

Nurture Your Existing Relationship: If in a committed relationship, invest quality time and effort. Ensure that both partners are on the right track to building a strong foundation together.

Be Open-Minded: Approach challenges with an open mind. The reversed Queen of Pentacles advises flexibility and adaptability, especially when it comes to practical matters within your romantic relationship.

Seek Financial Independence: Aim for financial independence within the relationship. Both partners should contribute to creating a secure and prosperous future.

Watch Your Health: The reversed Queen of Pentacles may hint at health issues. Pay attention to your well-being and encourage your partner to do the same. A healthy body supports a healthy relationship.

Reassess Your Career Path: Consider how your career may impact your love life. The Queen of Pentacles reversed suggests taking a closer look at your career choices and ensuring they align with your relationship goals.

Deepen Your Connection: The reversed Queen of Pentacles prompts a deeper look into your emotional connection. Share your feelings openly and foster a strong sense of confidence in the relationship.

Embrace Positive Change: While drawing the Queen of Pentacles reversed may indicate challenges, view it as an opportunity for positive change. Embrace better things by understanding the symbolism of the card and applying it to enhance your love life.

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This post was about the Queen of Pentacles reversed when asking about feelings

In conclusion, when the Queen of Pentacles appears reversed in a feelings-related tarot reading, it suggests a potential imbalance in the practical aspects of a relationship. The reversed Queen of Pentacles may signal challenges in maintaining a strong connection and work-life balance. It could point to issues with financial stability or the need for better care in the relationship. This tarot card reversed may encourage a closer look at how hard work and dedication are being applied to both emotional and material aspects. It’s a reminder to address any past relationship or existing partnership concerns and strive for a better balance in the material and emotional realms. Overall, while reversed, the Queen of Pentacles encourages introspection and adjustment for a more harmonious and fulfilling connection.