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This website is a resource to help women develop their intuition and align to their higher purpose. It contains information on angel numbers, dream meanings, symbolism, crystals and astrology.

There are signs and symbols around us all the time. When we pay attention to our inner guidance system they are easier to recognise.

As you open yourself up to receiving signs from the universe, you strengthen your connection with source energy. Slowly you’ll start to notice you become more peaceful, calm, intuitive and influential.

Meet the Team

Olivia – Founder

Olivia is the owner of Influential Gals. She has been building websites since 2019 and currently runs four successful blogs. Olivia started Influential Gals to provide a resource library for new age spirituality. She has a particular interest in crystal healing and tarot.

Morag – Astrologer

Morag has been practising Astrology since 2011, and has a Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She has studied both Western and Vedic Astrology and loves looking at people’s birth charts! Morag writes all the astrological posts on Influential Gals in her spare time. She is currently studying palmistry and tarot.

Jennifer – Certified Angel Tarot Reader

Jennifer is a certified angel tarot reader. She is a big fan of Doreen Virtue and a regular attender of the Divine Lightworker Retreat in Glastonbury. Jennifer’s new passion is understanding the meaning of angel numbers, and she loves sharing her knowledge of angel numbers with the world.