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Who is Neville Goddard? (Biography, Teachings & Books)

Neville Goddard, a figure of profound influence in the realm of metaphysics, is renowned for his teachings on the power of imagination and the concept of the God within.  This post is about the life and teachings of Neville Goddard.

Who is Neville Goddard?

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Teachings of Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard’s teachings revolve around the transformative power of imagination and the concept of the God within. He emphasizes simple yet profound principles to guide individuals towards creating their desired reality.

1. Power of Imagination

  • Neville believes that imagination is a potent force capable of shaping one’s reality.
  • Conscious use of imagination is the key to manifesting desires and creating the life one envisions.

2. Concept of the God Within

  • Neville teaches that the divine exists within each person.
  • By recognizing and connecting with this inner divinity, individuals can access unlimited creative power.

3. Feeling is the Secret

  • Central to his teachings is the idea that the emotional state, or feeling, associated with a desire is crucial for manifestation.
  • Neville emphasizes feeling as the true secret behind successfully bringing thoughts into reality.

4. Law of Assumption

  • Neville introduces the concept of the “law of assumption,” suggesting that assuming the reality of a desired outcome is essential for its manifestation.
  • By mentally accepting the fulfillment of a desire, individuals align themselves with the creative forces of the universe.

5. Scripture Interpretation

  • Neville often interpreted biblical stories allegorically, presenting them as symbolic representations of psychological and spiritual truths.
  • He encouraged followers to explore deeper meanings in religious texts, seeing them as guides for personal transformation.

6. Living from the End

  • Neville advises living in the end result of one’s desires, mentally experiencing the fulfillment as if it has already occurred.
  • This mental state helps to impress upon the subconscious mind, leading to the realization of the desired outcome.

7. The Subconscious Mind

  • Neville places significant emphasis on the power of the subconscious mind.
  • Through disciplined focus and conscious direction of thoughts, individuals can influence the subconscious, facilitating the manifestation of their intentions.

In essence, Neville Goddard’s teachings encourage individuals to harness the creative power within themselves through conscious imagination, emotional alignment, and a deep understanding of the connection between the inner self and the larger universal forces.

Life of Neville Goddard

Born in Barbados in 1905, Neville Goddard later moved to the United States, settling in New York City. There, he explored various spiritual ideas, adopting the pen name “Neville” during his solitary studies. Immersed in the rich environment of spiritual thinkers, he developed his thought system.

In the bustling atmosphere of New York City, Neville delved into new thought and the game of life, drawing inspiration from a wide range of spiritual thinkers. His focus became the creative potential within individuals, emphasizing the only thing truly worth exploring.

Inspired by Joseph Murphy’s teachings on the subconscious mind, Neville incorporated these ideas into his thought system. He began sharing his transformative philosophy through public talks, presenting a practical and profound approach to personal development.

Neville’s interpretation of the game of life, influenced by new thought and Joseph Murphy, resonated with seekers of spiritual and practical insights. Today, his legacy endures through his thought system, public talks, and the lasting impact of his teachings on understanding the mind and realizing desires.

Comparison with Other New Age Teachings

Neville Goddard’s teachings share common threads with other New Age teachings, such as those of Seth, Abraham Hicks, and Theo, while also having distinct differences.

1. Neville Goddard

  • Focus: Emphasizes the power of imagination and the God within to shape reality.
  • Key Concepts: Imagination as a creative force, feeling as the secret to manifestation, and assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

2. Abraham Hicks

  • Focus: Teaches the Law of Attraction, emphasizing alignment with positive thoughts and emotions.
  • Key Concepts: Law of Attraction, importance of maintaining high vibrational frequencies, and deliberate creation through focused thought and emotion.

3. Seth

  • Focus: Presents teachings through the channeling of the entity Seth, exploring the nature of reality and personal beliefs.
  • Key Concepts: Beliefs as the blueprint for experience, exploration of multidimensional reality, and the idea that we create our own reality.

4. Theo

  • Focus: Offers teachings through the channeling of a collective consciousness known as Theo, providing insights on spiritual growth and personal transformation.
  • Key Concepts: Personal responsibility for creating reality, understanding the purpose of life experiences, and connecting with higher-dimensional guidance.

Common Threads:

  • All emphasize the role of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in shaping personal reality.
  • Share a focus on conscious creation and the idea that individuals have the power to influence their experiences.


  • Neville uniquely emphasizes the power of imagination and assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.
  • Abraham Hicks places significant importance on the Law of Attraction and maintaining a positive vibrational state.
  • Seth delves into beliefs as fundamental to experience.
  • Theo highlights personal responsibility and offers guidance from a higher-dimensional perspective.

In essence, while these teachings share common themes, the emphasis and approaches vary, providing individuals with diverse perspectives on personal development, manifestation, and the nature of reality.

Bringing Neville Goddard’s Teachings to Life

To bring Neville Goddard’s transformative teachings from theory to practice, it’s crucial to delve into real-life scenarios and practical exercises. By applying these principles in daily life, individuals can harness the power of imagination and the concept of the God within.

Here’s a closer look at how Neville Goddard’s teachings can be practically applied:

Vision Board Creation

Creating a vision board is a practical application of Neville Goddard’s teachings, emphasizing the profound influence of imagination on reality. It transforms abstract desires into tangible representations, aligning with Neville’s focus on imagination and goal-setting. As individuals curate images and symbols, engaging their imaginative faculties, they connect emotionally with their aspirations, reflecting Neville’s emphasis on feeling as vital for manifestation. The vision board serves as a daily affirmation, reinforcing goals through concentrated attention. Placed prominently, it embodies Neville’s law of assumption, mentally accepting desire fulfillment. This hands-on manifestation technique bridges the abstract and the concrete, embodying Neville’s transformative philosophy in a tangible, daily experience.

Affirmations with Feeling

Encouraging emotional integration into affirmations is a potent application of Neville Goddard’s “Feeling is the Secret.” Recognizing emotions’ pivotal role in manifestation, this approach elevates the vibrational frequency of thoughts. Neville’s emphasis on emotional resonance, not just verbal expression, underscores that it’s the feelings accompanying affirmations that imprint on the subconscious, influencing creative forces. This transformative practice requires visceral connection with desired outcomes, turning affirmations into powerful tools for intentional manifestation. Aligning with Neville’s teachings, it emphasizes emotions as catalysts, offering a profound pathway to bring thoughts into tangible reality through intentional, emotionally charged affirmations.

Scripting Desires

Guiding individuals to script their desires involves writing detailed narratives that depict their goals as already achieved. This practice harmonizes with Neville Goddard’s principle of “living from the end,” urging individuals to mentally immerse themselves in the fulfilled state of their aspirations. By vividly describing the desired outcome as a present reality, individuals align their thoughts and emotions with the intended manifestation. Neville’s philosophy emphasizes that this mental engagement not only impresses upon the subconscious but also accelerates the journey from imagination to actualization, fostering a profound connection between present actions and the realization of envisioned dreams

Daily Visualization Practice

Advocating for a daily visualization practice involves encouraging individuals to dedicate a few minutes each day to vividly imagine their desired reality. This consistent routine aligns seamlessly with Neville Goddard’s teachings, emphasizing the potency of sustained imagination. By regularly engaging in this focused visualization, individuals not only reinforce their aspirations but also imprint these mental images into the subconscious. Neville’s philosophy underscores the transformative impact of persistent mental focus, suggesting that a daily commitment to visualization serves as a powerful catalyst for turning imaginative visions into tangible manifestations.

Mindful Living

Highlighting the significance of mindful living underscores the importance of residing in the present moment with full awareness. This aligns seamlessly with Neville Goddard’s teachings on the God within, urging individuals to recognize the divine essence permeating every facet of daily life. By cultivating mindfulness, individuals deepen their connection to Neville’s concept of the inner divine, fostering a heightened awareness of the sacred in the ordinary. This practice not only harmonizes with Neville’s teachings but also serves as a transformative approach to living, encouraging individuals to find the extraordinary within the seemingly mundane moments of their everyday existence.

Affirming Assumptions

Encouraging individuals to identify and affirm assumptions aligned with their goals is a transformative application of Neville Goddard’s “Law of Assumption.” By consciously adopting beliefs that support desired outcomes, individuals actively engage with the creative forces of the universe. This practice aligns with Neville’s philosophy, emphasizing the power of assumption in shaping one’s reality, making it a dynamic tool for intentional manifestation.

Reflecting on Past Manifestations

Prompting individuals to reflect on past instances where thoughts and emotions influenced outcomes is a profound exercise rooted in Neville’s teachings. This reflective process unveils patterns, offering insights into the subconscious mind’s role in manifestation. By understanding the connection between thoughts and experiences, individuals gain valuable self-awareness and empowerment, reinforcing Neville’s emphasis on the transformative potential of conscious reflection.

Journaling Journey

Introducing the practice of maintaining a manifestation journal is a practical application of Neville’s teachings. This journal becomes a sacred space to record progress, challenges, and successes on the journey of intentional creation. Aligning with Neville’s emphasis on self-awareness, the act of journaling facilitates conscious reflection, providing individuals with a tangible tool to track their growth and refine their manifestation practices over time.

Gratitude Practice

Incorporating a daily gratitude practice aligns seamlessly with Neville’s teachings on the importance of positive emotions in the manifestation process. By acknowledging and appreciating current blessings, individuals cultivate a mindset of abundance and positivity. This practice becomes a living expression of Neville’s philosophy, where gratitude becomes a powerful magnet for attracting more of what one desires, fostering a harmonious alignment with the universal forces at play.

Community Sharing

Creating a platform for individuals to share practical experiences with applying Neville Goddard’s teachings builds a supportive community. This shared space offers diverse insights into the application of Neville’s principles, enriching the collective understanding. The communal sharing aligns with Neville’s emphasis on interconnectedness, reinforcing the idea that a supportive community enhances the transformative journey. It becomes a dynamic forum for individuals to exchange perspectives, learn from each other, and collectively explore the vast potential within Neville’s teachings.

By integrating these practical exercises into daily life, individuals can actively engage with Neville Goddard’s teachings, experiencing firsthand the transformative potential of conscious imagination, emotional alignment, and the recognition of the divine within.

Further Information About Neville Goddard

For further information about Neville Goddard, you can explore various resources, including:


Neville Goddard authored numerous books. Some key titles include “The Power of Awareness,” “Feeling is the Secret,” and “The Law and The Promise.” These books provide in-depth insights into his teachings.

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Bestseller No. 3
Neville Goddard: The Essential Collection
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Bestseller No. 4
Neville Goddard's Feeling is the Secret: How Our...
  • Goddard, Neville (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 38 Pages - 10/29/2018 (Publication Date) - CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 5
The Neville Goddard Handbook: Manifestations,...
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There are dedicated websites and forums that discuss Neville Goddard’s teachings, provide interpretations, and offer a community for followers.


FAQs About Neville Goddard

What was Neville Goddard famous for?

Neville Goddard was famous for his teachings in the realm of metaphysics and self-help. He gained renown for his transformative philosophy, emphasizing the power of imagination, the concept of the God within, and the influence of feelings in the manifestation process. Neville’s thought system, encapsulated in works like “The Power of Awareness” and “Feeling is the Secret,” became influential, guiding individuals on how to consciously use their thoughts and emotions to shape their reality and achieve their desired outcomes.

What was Neville Goddard's best quote?

One of Neville Goddard’s notable quotes is, “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.” This quote encapsulates his emphasis on the power of assumption and the role of feelings in the manifestation process. Neville often highlighted the significance of embodying the emotional state associated with the fulfilled desire as a key factor in the journey from imagination to tangible reality.

Was Neville Goddard enlightened?

Neville Goddard was a mystic and teacher known for his transformative teachings in metaphysics and the power of imagination. Neville emphasized personal transformation and the recognition of the divine within each individual. Whether one considers him enlightened may vary based on personal beliefs and definitions of enlightenment.

Who did Neville Goddard influence?

Neville Goddard has influenced a wide range of individuals in the realms of metaphysics, spirituality, and self-help. Many contemporary spiritual and self-help leaders, such as Wayne Dyer, acknowledge Neville Goddard’s influence on their work. His teachings continue to resonate with those seeking insights into personal transformation, manifestation, and the nature of reality.

This post answers the question: Who is Neville Goddard?

Neville’s thought system forms the core of his transformative philosophy, emphasizing the power of imagination and the divine within each individual. Central to his teachings is the concept that conscious use of imagination is pivotal for manifesting desires and shaping one’s reality. Neville encourages recognition of the God within, asserting that by connecting with this inner divinity, individuals can access unlimited creative power. In essence, Neville’s thought system guides individuals towards conscious imagination, emotional alignment, and a profound understanding of the interconnectedness between the self and universal forces.