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1111 Meaning – Significance & Symbolism of Seeing Angel Number 11:11

Are you seeing the number 11:11 everywhere? In numerology this is an auspicious sign and could signal the presence of a spirit guide or angel. This article explores the mystical number 1111 including its meaning and significance.

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11:11 Meaning

1111 Meaning in Numerology

The number 11 is a master number in numerology. Master numbers have more powerful vibrations that the other numbers. Since the number 1111 is a master number repeated, the energy is amplified further.

Number 11 is the number of the spiritual messenger and of illumination. Seeing the numbers 11:11 together could mean a spirit guide or angel wants to reveal their presence to you, or that you are entering a period of major transformation and illumination in your life.

Since the number 1 signifies new beginnings, when it is amplified by four it can indicate a major spiritual shift, or awakening has started. The number 1111 shows up to remind you that the universe is conspiring in your favour and you are surrounded by angelic assistance.

The numbers 11:11 together are also a symbol of eternal love. Records show that on 11 November 2011 (11/11/11) there was an increase in the number of marriages taking place around the world. (Read more here)

1111 Meaning When You see it Repeatedly

Seeing a repeating number it is no coincidence. If the number 1111 appears frequently on clocks, car license plates, door numbers, or in shops you should pay attention as your angels have a message for you.

1111 meaning

11:11 is an angel number. When you see it frequently it could could refer to a number of things:

  • That there is spiritual significance attached to that particular moment.
  • It is a sign that your thoughts are manifesting into reality.
  • That you need to take care of your thoughts and be aware that whatever you think about most will become your reality.
  • You have recently undergone a spiritual awakening or alternatively, you will go through one soon which has been divinely guided for your highest good.
  • It is a message from your Angels that you are on the right path.
  • That your twin flame is about to manifest physically in your life.

Doreen Virtue has written a book called “Angel Numbers 101” which explains the meanings of all the different number sequences angels may use to communicate.

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Why is 11:11 Associated with Angels and Guides?

Guardian angels are connected with the number 1111 since it is the number of eternal love. If you have been visited by an angel during the night it is likely that you will see these numbers on your clock the following day.

There are many accounts from people who report seeing 11:11 on cars, watches and clocks when they wished to know of their angels whereabouts. Seeing 11:11 is believed to be a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you even though they are invisible most of the time.

Angels also often communicate with us through repetitive number sequences such as 1111, 2222 etc.

11:11 – A Message from Your Angels

When you see 11:11 frequently, it is important to pay attention since your guardian angels are trying to send you a message. This number sequence can be associated with a number of angelic activities which have spiritual significance attached to them.

1111 is a message from your angels telling you that they are with you and will always be there to help. They also ask that you become aware of the thoughts and ideas which will manifest into reality soon.

The numbers 1 and 2 together signify the first step in manifesting your desires – awareness. The number 1 also symbolises the masculine principal while the number 2 symbolises the feminine principal.

1111 is symbolic of the divine truth coming into your experience – in other words, that which you cannot yet see but that which you can believe will manifest.

If you see 1:11 or 11:1 you may be receiving messages from your angels to let you know that God is looking after you. Your guardian angels are asking you to trust and have faith in what they are telling you as this will take you closer toward achieving your goals.

1111 Meaning and Archangel Michael

Since the number 1111 is associated with guardian angels, use this opportunity call upon Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael can be called on for protection as he is a powerful spiritual being who will shield you against anything that may cause harm or injury to yourself or those that you love.

Michael is also a great angel for protection against evil and he can do this by infusing every cell in your body with divine light. Archangel Michael will cut away anything that does not serve your highest good. He will be able to dissolve all the fears, phobias, doubts and anxiety within your body, mind and soul.

If you are seeking guidance from Archangel Michael, begin by repeating his mantra: “Archangel Michael help me now.”

He can also assist you to release all the emotional pain and suffering that you have experienced throughout your lifetime.

1111 Meaning and Manifestation

If you are seeing repeating number patterns 11:11 is a confirmation that your thoughts are manifesting into reality fast. It is a sign to pay attention to what you are thinking since it will soon be in your experience.

Being aware of what you are thinking is the first step to making your thoughts a reality. This is because the universe responds to what you hold in mind and emanates back at you as reality.

Many great inventors, philosophers and musicians have seen number patterns and claimed that they received their inspiration from spirit guides. Scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and inventors such as Nikola Tesla also believe that they received their knowledge from a higher source.

At this time you may receive divine guidance to help you manifest a miracle in your life. Angels can help you to receive inspiration, abundance and prosperity.

1111 is one of the auspicious numbers which signifies that your thoughts are manifesting into reality. If you frequently see this number sequence it means that your thoughts are on target with what you want to experience since they will soon materialize into form.

All of these number sequences – 1111, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and 6:66 are positive signs that you are on your destined path in life.

1111 Meaning and Twin Flames

Twin flames have the same soul blue print. They are considered to be one soul in two bodies. The reason why twin souls feel so drawn to each other is because they are both emanating the same energy vibrations.

Spiritually, twin flames resonate at the same frequency as one another. They share an intimate soul connection which usually brings them together over numerous life times. If your twin is not incarnate in this lifetime, seeing 11:11, could be an indication that they are present.

If you see number sequences such as 1111 or 222 it could be a sign that your twin flame is about to manifest into physical form in your reality. This message from your angels tells you to be ready to embrace your twin flame when they arrive.

1111 – A Pathway to Enlightenment

Seeing 11:11 frequently can also mean that you are on the pathway to enlightenment. The number 1111 manifests the first steps toward spiritual awakening and evolving your consciousness – it gives you an indication that you are on your path to personal discovery.

In numerology, the number 1 signifies independence which makes it a great number for new beginnings. When two ones come together they can support each other because they are following the same path.

The number 11:11 is also a sign that you have strong faith and trust in your intuition which will help you to make decisions. It is time to take action based on what your heart is telling you and not from what others think or believe.

1111 Meaning and Ascended Masters

Seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere can also indicate you are being assisted by an Ascended Master. Ascended Masters are spiritually enlightened beings who were once incarnate on the earth. Examples of Ascended Masters include Jesus Christ, Saint Germain, Buddha, and great Indian yogi Swami Vivekananda.

Ascended Masters are pure divine light and their guidance comes from unconditional love. They have a strong connection to the Divine which they use as a means of communication with humanity.

If you have been praying or meditating to receive a sign that you are on your destined path, seeing 11:11 could be a sign that an Ascended Master is with you. This as a way of offering you assistance and congratulations on your spiritual journey.

What Should I do if I Keep Seeing the Number 1111?

Seeing the number 1111 signifies an awakening process. When this happens, we are essentially being alerted to an upcoming big transformation in our life which will take us along a new spiritual path. It is important therefore that you remain open to this divinely guided process.

When you see 1111 repeatedly, ask yourself what is the lesson or messages coming though for me right now? And why do I need to learn this?

Seeing a number sequence is an important message from your spirit guides. Be open to the new opportunities and the possibility of a fresh start.

Some things you can start doing include:

Meditate Daily

Meditate daily and be open to the guidance that you receive. We often hear our angels through meditation and are given guidance on the right direction to take.

Meditation also helps to raise your vibration and fill your life with positive energy. Be aware that your thoughts are manifesting into reality, so ensure that you only think positive, joyful thoughts about your future.

Some of the benefits of meditation include :

  • calms the mind and overcomes stress.
  • improves concentration.
  • promotes positivity and reduces negative thinking.
  • enhances psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, intuition, telepathy and astral projection.

Once you start seeing the powerful effects of the number 1111, you will realise how important it is to keep your thoughts positive, as you attract whatever it is that you think about. If you are thinking in a negative way such as ‘why me?’ or ‘I can’t’ then this will be the reality that you manifest into your life.

If you want to change what is happening around you then stay positive start a regular meditation practice as this will help you develop a positive attitude, and draw good things into your life.

Use Affirmations

Use affirmations to help you stay positive. Affirmations are a great way of affirming positive statements such as: “I am whole, perfect and complete”.

Affirmations should be said out loud and in the present tense. For example: “I am healthy, happy and wealthy”. They should always be said as if you already have it in your life, since the mind responds to what we say.

Affirmations can help you manifest significant change in your life. If you are not happy with something in your life such as your finances or love life, start using affirmations as a way to focus and direct your energy.

Remember that your thoughts are powerful. You can manifest whatever you want into your life as long as it is within reason and in alignment with what you desire.

Ask For Guidance

Ask your angels for guidance and clarity. You are loved and supported at all times by your angels. Simply ask them to guide and protect you during this spiritual awakening process and then relax into their loving presence.

Although 11:11 is a sign from your spirit guides that you are on the right path, there are times when you may feel fearful or confused by the synchronistic messages that keep appearing. In this case, it is important to stay positive and know that your angels have a good reason for bringing this information through to you. You can ask them for help and clarity whenever you need it.

You can also ask your angels to help with a number of other things:

  • To guide you when making decisions and choices.
  • To reduce or remove fear in the face of any challenges that may arise as a result of this spiritual awakening process.
  • To provide comfort during sleep.

The appearance of 11:11 is an important message from our angels. It says that they are with you and working on your behalf so always be open to receiving the guidance that comes through from your angels and spirit guides as this will help you move forward on a positive life path.

1111 and Meaningful Coincidences

When you start focusing on mediation and opening yourself to divine guidance, you will start to see more meaningful coincidences happening in your life.

Next time you see 11:11 start being more aware of your vibration, and anything that could be in your subconscious mind such as negative thoughts that could delay positive manifestations.

When you take a proactive approach, focusing on your thoughts and developing a regular meditation habit, magical things will start to happen for you.

The coincidences that start to show up in your life are a good sign of your spiritual growth. They indicate that new things are round the corner such as your soul mate, new projects, new relationships, or perhaps a new career path.

What is the Significance of 11th November?

The date 11 November is written as 11/11. As stated by numerology, the symbolic meaning of multiple 1’s such as 1, 11, 1111 is new beginnings and fresh starts.

The 11th November is considered by many Numerologists to be the luckiest day of the year. On this day many people feel a powerful shift in energy leading them to make changes in their lives, including following new aspirations or finding answers

November 11th also marks significant events in our history, such as Armistice day (also known as Remembrance Day). The number 11 is significant in this date since the 1st World War ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The three elevens together represent new beginnings and fresh starts.

Phone Numbers or Credit Cards with 11

Sometimes significant numbers appear in phone numbers or credit card numbers. You should pay attention if you notice number patterns which include the powerful number 11, or repetitions of the same number. The 1111 meaning could be different depending what other numbers follow or precede it.

The following numbers are significant:

111- you are intuitive and recognise truth when it appears. You have a gift for seeing behind facades.

811- you are about to have more opportunities opened up for you. Keep an open mind, as there is no such thing as coincidence and your angels are working on your behalf. You need to be aware of what is happening around you at all times since things can change quickly.

3111- your angels are with you at all times. They want you to know that they have your best interests at heart and are working for your highest good.

1111- the universe is helping you manifest your dreams, especially if you have been sending out positive thoughts into the cosmos and asking for what it is that you want.

1911- following closely on from 1111, this number sequence encourages reflection and introspection over personal actions. It indicates that you need to be aware of the choices you are making and why.

4411- your spiritual path and worldly experiences are now becoming more balanced. You need to keep your thoughts positive as negative thinking will block you from achieving your goals.

1110- pay attention to what is happening around you as there could be heightened psychic activity taking place. Your intuition is very strong now so follow your instincts and take care of your thoughts, words and actions as they have a major impact on others.

What if I Never See the Number 11:11?

If you don’t see the number 11:11, don’t worry. This does not mean the angels are not assisting you. If you want to see the number 1111 more you should take up daily meditation to open yourself up to receiving angelic communication.

It may be that you haven’t noticed the number patterns up until this point because your ego is blocking you from seeing the signs. You need to let go of your fears and trust that the angels are with you in every moment, guiding and protecting you. Once you make this mindset shift, 1111 will be everywhere!

1111 Meaning – Summary

There are many spiritual meanings in the number 1111.

  1. Seeing the number 1111 means that your thoughts or ideas are manifesting quickly into your reality. It is a sign that you need to be aware of your persistent thoughts and ideas because they are manifesting quickly into your reality and it is time for you to take action on them!
  2. Seeing 11:11 can also be a reminder of angels assisting you. For example, if you have been hearing a voice but never see anything, it could be an angel trying to reach out. You should meditate each day in order to open yourself up to receiving them.
  3. Seeing 11111 is an indicator that the universe is working on your behalf and has guided you to where you are now. This is the universe’s way of telling you that you have set out on a good path and to stay on it!
  4. Seeing number sequences is a message that you should pay attention to your thoughts, words and actions because they have a major impact on others.
  5. Seeing number patterns with numbers containing 1’s is also a sign of luck or good fortune to come!
  6. Seeing the number 1111 can be seen as a sign that you are on the right path at this stage in your life. But if you want to stay on that path, keep thinking positively and don’t let your ego block the signs from coming through.
  7. Seeing 111 is a sign that your intuition is very strong and has been heightened as a result of spiritual awakening taking place within you. Therefore, pay attention to what’s going on around you and follow your
  8. If you are not seeing 1111, this does not mean anything negative. It may be that your spiritual self cannot recognize the signs or your ego is blocking them from appearing. You should just keep focusing on what it is you want and trust that the angels are there with you.
  9. The number 11:11 could indicate your twin flame is with you, or about to come into your life.
  10. The Ascended Masters may be with you.
  11. As always, it is important to listen to your intuition.   1111 can also be a sign of good luck so be sure to take full advantage of it!

Further Reading on the 1111 Meaning

For many people, the number 11:11 constantly appears throughout their life in various ways such as on digital clocks, license plates, microwaves ovens and phones.

The book “11:11 Awakening Code” delves deeper into the numerical synchronicities that crop up in our lives. It also looks at the connection between spirituality, mathematics and science. If you want to read further about the spiritual meaning of angel number 11:11 the book is available on Amazon.

The 11:11 Code: The Great Awakening by the Numbers
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Wolfe, Charles J (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 359 Pages - 10/23/2020 (Publication Date) - Lumanta Productions (Publisher)

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